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The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is certainly one of the more confusing/interesting collections getting the coveted HD treatment. We mentioned that each HD collection is certainly going to be including the goods, but Konami is looking to put in some overtime for this release. There are going to be a total of four different versions of the game in Japan. The one downside is that while the NTSC versions will include Peace Walker, it will not be included with the regular Japanese edition and will have to be purchased separately.

Hit the Jump to see the editions in full detail, as well as some brand new trailers.

First off, we have the standard editions of both the MGS 2/3 HD and Peace Walker HD. Other than the graphics themselves, there’s nothing fancy about these editions. MGS 2/3 is priced at ¥5480 ($71.43) while Peace Walker is a bit cheaper at ¥4980 ($64.91)


Next we have a typical Special Edition and both games are getting the treatment. For MGS 2/3, along with the game, there will be a special Yoji Shinkawa illustration, a “The Art of Metal Gear Solid The Original Trilogy” art book, and a soundtrack CD. For Peace Walker, this will include a copy of the game, a Play Arts Snake figure, and a vocal tracks CD. These are both expected to be priced at ¥9980 ($130.09)


Konami must be keeping the hardcore collectors in mind with their “Konami Style” limited editions for both games. These will include everything mentioned in the previous editions but with a few more goodies. MGS 2/3 will receive mugs for each game, and an original headphone and bag. Peace Walker will include a Peace Walker mug and a Kazuhira Miller Play Arts Kai figure. These editions will be costly, weighing in at ¥14,980 ($195.22)

The final version isn’t as sexy as the previously mentioned ones, as it’s just a downloaded copy of the standard edition. Although Peace Walker won’t be available to download until June, it’s still good that the option exists for those that want to get away from physical media. These are expected to cost the same as the standard edition.

Since the release date gets closer and closer for these spectacular games, Konami has released two trailers in order to pump up the fan base. Even though they are in Japanese, we can all enjoy them – everything is looking awfully pretty.

So what are we in the NTSC regions going to get? Well, we don’t know yet, but we won’t have an incredibly long wait as the MGS HD Collection will be released on November 23rd for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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    Ibuprofen said Sep 15th 2011 7:22 PM

    I would love to get this HD collection, but I won’t be. I never got to play MGS1 and I’m completely baffled as to why it’s not included for either SD download for regions outside of Japan, or remade in HD as well. If either of those were the case I would have preordered this a long time ago.


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