The Sims Social Surpasses FarmVille in Daily Users



Apparently enough people were able to look past that atrocity of a trailer and give The Sims Social a spin, as it currently boasts 9.3 million daily active users, besting Zynga’s FarmVille. VG247 reports that the game has 34 million monthly active users, which is, well, a hell of a lot of people making virtual tapas.

However impressive the numbers may be, they still weren’t enough to top CityVille, which currently rests at the top of Facebook mountain, surveying the land for the next location in which to construct a “ville”.

So what does this mean for the social game space? Do we cheer on the newcomer in the fight against Zynga’s dominance, or does this portend a world where your Facebook wall is filled with requests to “woohoo” with creepers?

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