Hawken Releases a New Teaser Trailer to Finally Explain Why Mechs Fight



Hawken continues to rise to the top of gamers’ minds every time a new screenshot or video surfaces on the internet. Out of all the current, work-in-progress indie titles, Hawken is the one I am most excited for. I’m not alone, however as the praise from media outlets and gamers’ alike just keeps flooding in with each new media release.

Adhesive games, the small Los Angeles independent game studio that is developing Hawken, just put out brand new teaser trailer for their upcoming multiplayer mech combat FPS. The trailer finally provides some insight into why these mech battles are happening. We knew Hawken was about fast-paced frantic mech combat. Now we know what we’re fighting for. There is emotion. There is story.


Hawken takes place on a distant planet. The world that Adhesive Game’s has come up with has been colonized by man and industrialized to the point of collapse. With the human population devastated, the hunt for resources has turned into an all out battle for survival. Cue epic mech battles here.


With this game looking so astonishing and coming along nicely, it is refreshing to learn that there will be some story behind all of the madness. This title has been absolutely praised for its gritty, apocalyptic, future-city art style. It looks better with each new video, and Adhesive’s take on a planet on the brink of collapse is terrific. And while Hawken does not have a release date yet, we can be sure it’ll be good when it’s done because Adhesive Game’s motto from the start has been, “It’ll be finished when it’s finished.” So don’t expect these guys to cut any corners.


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