Dead Rising 2: Off the Record to Feature Timer-Free Sandbox Mode


OTR (Copy)One of the biggest issues with the Dead Rising franchise is that, if you are trying to go for the “best” ending, it leaves very little time to mess around in-between missions as there is a timer that constantly ticks down. According to 1up, Capcom is addressing this issue in Off the Record, Dead Rising 2’s disc-based expansion, by making the free-roam sections completely timer-free.

While I am one of the biggest proponents of eliminating the easier features in gaming these days in lieu of a challenge, such as regenerating health and difficulty swapping on the fly, this is certainly one of the most needed additions to the Dead Rising franchise. With an open world full of optional bonuses,challenges, and zombies just asking to be decapitated it is simply too much to ask of the gamer to NOT explore if they want to get the “best” ending of the game.

This expansion for Dead Rising 2 that will revisit the events of the game as the protagonist from the first Dead Rising, Frank West. Frank’s “Prestige Points” leveling system will also return, which awards players PP for pictures taken at specific photo opportunities that are graded in categories such as humor, drama, horror, brutality and erotica (obviously).

The expansion will also include many technical updates including load time optimizations and improved network performance as well as new missions, cutscenes, environments, enemies, items, vehicles, and weapons.

While $40 appears to be a bit much for an expansion pack these days, it looks like Off the Record will have the required content to back up the pricing. Look for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record in October when it’s released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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    Blackpaw said Aug 28th 2011 5:11 PM

    this isnt a dlc as much as it is a full blown expansion pack, harkening back to the days of the original “the sims”

    god how many expansions did that game have?

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      smapdi said Aug 28th 2011 5:21 PM

      I’m fairly certain you need to employ some theoretical numbers in order to count that high.


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