Castle Crashers Gets Second Title Update and Gives to Charity


pinkmanguyAppropriately timed for PAX Prime, Castle Crasher’s Title Update 2 encompasses the greatest thing to ever hit the knights of varied colors. The folks at The Behemoth have decided (through community support) in favor of adding a Pink Knight into Castle Crashers, and all for the cost of absolutely nothing. In fact, for each of the first 50,000 downloads (that means people that patch their game) the generous development team behind everyone’s favorite stronghold bombers, will donate a dollar to the Keep A Breast Foundation.

Along with the almighty Pink Knight, folks will have the option to download the new Blacksmith Pack for 160 Microsoft points. As the development blog describes the blacksmith, his myth consists of “wielding miniature antlered frogs, burning hammers of justice, and springboard contraptions”, much like everyone’s favorite Scottish freedom fighter of old. However, the Blacksmith is “purple and definitely not Mel Gibson”, which is honestly a bit disappointing.

The second title update brings us yet another addition in the form of a Team vs Team feature in the Player Match Arena. For those unfamiliar (or don’t remember), the Player Match Arena was formerly just straight mayhem in the form of free-for-all garrison bashing.

With some additional swag for your avatar and a veritable ton of bug fixes, the update proves The Behemoth to yet again be pretty awesome. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go be Pink.

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    guycom said Aug 28th 2011 11:25 AM

    the pink knight was suposed to come out last valentines day if my memory serves me right! is this supposed to be for the xbox too?

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    Blackpaw said Aug 28th 2011 5:13 PM

    can has castle crashers for computer plz?


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