I am Alive Lives Up to Name… Maybe



The recent unofficial leak of Ubisoft’s gritty survival title I am Alive did little to quell the mystery of whether the game is, in fact, still alive.

First announced at E3 2008, I am Alive was initially developed by Darkworks, but was later transferred to Ubisoft Shanghai and subjected to a “total re-engineering,” according to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot in 2010. Little has been heard about the game since then, despite it already missing a release date of March 2011.

It is not clear whether the leaked trailer, cut-scene, and motley collection of screenshots are from the recent incarnation of the game currently developed by Ubisoft Shanghai, or whether they were part of the older Darkworks project that no longer exists.

However, the fact that Ubisoft seems to be actively scouring YouTube and disabling links to these videos suggests that they are indeed from an active project. Check them out before they go down for good after the break.

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