New Steel Battalion Heavy Armor Trailer and Details on Kinect Use



A New Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor trailer dropped at gamescom 2011, after nearly a year with little to no updates since its announcement at TGS 2010. The trailer reveals a bit more of the plot line: Heavy Armor takes place in 2082, a world where computers were wiped out, and warfare has pushed mech design back to something resembling those in the game Trenched. In the statement about the Steel Battalion sequel, it was confirmed that Heavy Armor will forego its predecessor’s famous (and often lampooned) super controller in favor of Microsoft’s Kinect system.

Check out the video after the jump.


On one hand, doing away with the controller makes the barrier to entry for most players much lower – eliminating the need of purchasing a $300 controller that only worked for ONE game – but on the other hand, it may be taking away the very thing that makes Steel Battalion “Steel Battalion.”

In a fact sheet that was released with the trailer at gamescom, Capcom explains that the game will utilize the 360 controller for precision tasks like armor movement, targeting, and firing. The Kinect will be utilized for start up procedures, using the scope as indicated in the trailer, and interaction with your crew while in battle. Given the course of events in the latter half of the trailer, it looks like managing crew morale will play a critical role to how the game is played. Get ready to get the Kleenex box out, crewman Johnson might need a widdwe hug before the next sortie.

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