Early Access For Resistance 3 Public Beta Begins August 4



Bursting with the need to test out Resistance 3? The good news is that the wait for the public beta isn’t much longer for those who shelled out the cash for Socom 4. The Resistance 3 public beta will open to players who received early access via Socom 4 on Thursday, August 4.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive an invitation to join the beta on August 23. Those who have lucked out on getting early access will still have a chance to join the beta by watching Insomniac Games’ Twitter and Facebook pages for codes. The beta will open up to more users past the early access period.

The beta will include two of the game’s major maps, Seaside of Glamorgan, Wales and a trainyard in Bogota, Columbia. It features two of the five multiplayer modes, Team Deathmatch and Chain Reaction. Players will have the ability to level up their characters and upgrade weapons and abilities, although the level cap is maintained at level 20.

Resistance 3 launches in September on the PS3.

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