Limbo Making its Way to PSN and Steam



After reporting on the possibility of PlayDead’s 2010 XBLA hit, Limbo, coming to the PlayStation Network, it turns out that the game will indeed be coming to PSN, and to Steam as well. The game is set for a July 19th release on PSN (July 20th in Europe, and sometime later in Japan) and an August 2nd worldwide release date on Steam. It’ll give players on other platforms the chance to finally experience the charmingly dark little platformer/puzzler that made so many waves a year ago.

One of my chief complaints about Limbo (echoed by many others) is that it’s too short for the price. While no price has been announced, having it cost $10 instead of $15 would seem a lot more reasonable considering it’s been out for a year. Also, PlayDead’s Dino Patti made mention of “a little extra secret we have in store for you…” on the PlayStation Blog but did not elaborate, so it seems there will at least be some exclusive content here. What exactly it entails is anyone’s guess, but we’ll know soon enough.

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    dnnr said Jul 8th 2011 7:16 PM

    If you’re patient and watch Steam somewhat closely, you should be able to get this game for $10 or less in a year.

    It is a wonderful game that, as you fairly pointed out, is probably a tad overpriced.

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    Paper92 said Jul 8th 2011 7:54 PM

    I wouldn’t mind picking this game up for $10 on the PSN, after I get PixelJunk Shooter 2 for $5 this week of course ;D


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