New Crimson Alliance Screenshots Feature Dungeons, Crawling and Loot



While Diablo has pretty much ruled the Action-RPG genre for over a decade, thanks to the rise of digital distribution there has been a recent increase in high quality alternatives like Torchlight, Magicka and later this summer, Crimson Alliance. It’s got all of the standard dungeon-crawling accoutrements like loot, upgradeable equipment, environmental hazards/traps and of course, hordes of enemies to fight.

In a much appreciated nod to those of us who still prefer to play games in person with our friends rather than online with faceless strangers, the game features 4-player local co-op play in addition to Xbox Live play. It’s nice to know such luxuries haven’t been completely abandoned in today’s market. It looks like a pretty promising little loot-fest of a game, so head past the break to see the latest batch of screens while you wait for its September release exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade.

city_warrens_leader_logo_1920x1080 citywarrens_doublehit_logo_1920x1080 citywarrens_leader_logo_1920x1080 citywarrens_wargbridge_logo_1920x1080 gashadokuro_smash_logo_1920x1080

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    rolloutroad said Jul 6th 2011 9:09 PM

    Sounds good – I’ll probably be picking this up when it comes out. Might be good for a pizza party or two.

    What I’m wondering is – how will they handle the level difference for local co-op? Will you be given some stock gear? Or will you have set profiles to use? Will the game make use of the online save game files Xbox LIVE currently has?

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    nytrik said Jul 7th 2011 12:52 PM

    Why did I not know this existed?


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