See the Black Ops Escalation Map Pack in Action



If you’re looking forward to the new Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack, mundanely titled Escalation, you might enjoy this quick glimpse at the DLC’s five new maps. Most of the levels get a semi-detailed rundown from the developers, but the game’s new Zombies map, Call of the Dead, only gets a cryptically brief flash onscreen.

My greatest disappointment, though, comes from finally seeing Zoo in action. It apparently takes place in an abandoned zoo, not a functional one, a fact that completely destroys my fantasies of chasing people into the tiger pit, laughing as they’re eaten alive, and then blowing up the tigers with C4 for good measure. You know, I might need to start seeing a therapist.

Anyway, the trailer is after the break, so you can look it over while I find help.

The Escalation map pack launches on the Xbox 360 this May 5 for 1200 MSP, with release dates for other platforms to follow.

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    Vince said Apr 22nd 2011 7:38 AM

    Did you just say you fantasize about pushing people in tiger pits? How awful! I hope you’re joking, even if you are, wow. That came from a dark dark place. A man would get ripped to shreds in there! Could you imagine being toyed with by some captive tiger, uninitiated in hunting? It would probably not even know how to most effectively kill you and just start randomly slashing. Opening profound gashes, crushing bone, just inflicting unimaginable pain, but not the merciful release of death. The worst part would be how powerless you are to save yourself. Forced to watch your innards torn out and worked over by this beast. Actually feeling your skin and flesh peel off your bones and hearing your warm organs slide onto the floor…. My god…. I’m so goddamn hard right now.


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