DirectX 11 Unreal Engine Demo Shows Future of Gaming



Epic Games showed off a mightily impressive demonstration of its new DirectX 11-powered Unreal Engine at the Games Developers Conference today, and released a bunch of equally jaw-dropping screenshots for gamers to salivate over.

Powered by three high-end graphics cards, the GDC demo shows off advanced lighting and shader effects made possible by the unholy combination of DirectX 11 and the Unreal Engine.

Describing the images as Epic’s “love letter to hardware manufacturers”, the company’s VP Mark Rein says this is what Epic sees being possible with the “next generation” of consoles.

Click the image above to expand, and join us after the jump for more


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    guycom said Mar 3rd 2011 5:22 PM

    its….gorgeous :’)

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    yhBLAZED said Mar 4th 2011 4:32 AM

    I creamed in my pants.

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    BoomBip said Mar 4th 2011 10:25 AM

    Is there a video?


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