This Just In: Felicia Day Still Hot, also Something About Dragon Age [Update]



[Update: Two seconds after we posted the article, BioWare put out an official trailer for the series. You can find it after the jump.]

It seems Felicia Day’s ability to take advantage of our love of red hair and spunk has reached some sort of critical mass.

The actress has unveiled her newest project via Twitter, simultaneously with BioWare’s announcement. She will be creating and starring in a six part web series set in the world of Dragon Age, entitled Dragon Age: Redemption. Despite the fact that she looks more like a well-funded LARPer than a character from BioWare’s critically acclaimed dark fantasy roleplaying franchise, the buzz from this announcement is tremendous. Never let it be said that Felicia Day does not have a fanatical following. She premiered the series last night for the first time on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. If you missed that (I wouldn’t blame you) there will be an on-set preview of the show on GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley on February 24 (Again, wouldn’t blame you if you missed that either, this is Spike TV we’re talking about).

Here’s BioWare’s summary of the plot –

“In Dragon Age: Redemption, Day stars as Tallis, an Elven assassin hired by the Qunari to capture a rogue mage intent on wreaking havoc throughout the world. In her quest to find this dangerous mage, Tallis is joined by other companions who are not always aligned in their beliefs and goals, but who band together to defeat their foe, in an attempt to restore peace and balance to this dark fantasy universe.”

Sounds pretty good to me, but I’m curious: is there going to be some gritty, dark fantasy combat in this? This is Dragon Age, after all. If you’re not covered in blood, you’re doing it wrong. Again, we all love Felicia Day, but somehow it’s hard for me to picture her performing brutal fight choreography. Either way, I’m super excited for this, and you should be too. Come on. It’s Felicia Day and Dragon Age. It could only be better if it had Neil Patrick Harris and/or cheesecake.

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    Awinedrowning said Feb 17th 2011 4:57 PM

    “If you’re not covered in blood, you’re doing it wrong.” That’s what she said? wait…

  • avatar
    JohnnyC said Feb 17th 2011 5:44 PM

    Woo! Thanks!

  • avatar
    Mal Intent said Feb 17th 2011 8:02 PM

    Felicia Day doing most things is a cause for celebration. But throw Dragon Age in there and I’m sold.


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