Double Dragon Gets a Face Lift on iOS



Classic beat-em-up Double Dragon has just been announced to hit the App Store next month, bringing along new bosses, unlockable characters, and a fancy new look. No doubt if you’re a gamer of the late 80s, you remember dropping some serious coin to play this notoriously difficult side-scroller. Thanks to Aksys Games, along with Japanese developer Brizo Interactive, a new generation of gamers will have a chance to experience the frustrating, yet satisfying, punch-kick gameplay packed away in this iPhone remake.

This handheld version will sport local co-op play via Bluetooth, as well as achievements (assumingly through Game Center), a remixed soundtrack, and some new moves for Billy and Jimmy to beat the baddies with.

Hit the jump for more screenshots:

ss_preview_5.jpgss_preview_doubledragon211.jpgss_preview_doubledragon211.jpg (1)ss_preview_2_1297440483.jpgss_preview_8.jpgss_preview_4.jpg

Double Dragon will hit the App Store sometime in March at an undisclosed price.

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