Mass Effect 2 Will Be Downloadable on PSN



Want to play Mass Effect 2 on your PS3, but find yourself crippled by incredible laziness? Well, first I’m going to recommend the Handy Caddy, so you can slide your PS3 controller closer to you without the effort of getting up.

Perhaps more importantly, though, I’m here to inform you that you won’t even have to go to your front door to get your copy of Mass Effect 2 on launch day. Instead, on January 18th you’ll be able to download ME2 on the PSN from the convenience of your couch. That means no more getting up to do silly things like changing discs. Just hit a few buttons and you’ll be good to go! No, no don’t thank me, friends, thank Sony and Bioware. You can also thank them for your bedsores, since lounging in the same position for days at a time does tend to cause those.

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