Square-Enix Premier Conference Details Emerge


ffxii (1)

On January 18th, Square-Enix is holding a conference to unveil some of its newest games, promising plenty of unseen footage of their next few big releases.  We can expect to see Kingdom Hearts 3DS at the show, as well as Final Fantasy Dissidia 2.  Most importantly, however, is a Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer featuring gameplay footage in which fans will get to hear the main character speak for the first time.

The event is focusing heavily on video this year, so it’s unknown what titles, if any, will be on available to play.  Details on the Final Fantasy Versus game have been pretty slim, so I’m sure that most JRPG fans are most looking forward to seeing exactly what the title has to offer.  Considering how long it’s been in development, let’s all hope that what we see on the 18th will blow our minds.

Via NeoGAF

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