3DS Launch Plans Coming to Amsterdam



Fittingly enough, Nintendo will start pimping out its new 3DS in the city known for its red light district. According to MCV, Nintendo will be holding a press event in Amsterdam on January 19th, presumably to reveal a firm release date, price point and launch line up. While rumors about the launch date have been flying around, most of them seem to be centered in mid-March, so we’ll be interested to see the real date provides confirmation.

Probably of more interest to gamers are the potential launch titles. These could include new iterations of classic franchises like Mario Kart, Kid Icarus and Star Fox, as well as newer titles like Steel Diver, a submarine-navigation game from Nintendo. Knowing the internet, there will undoubtedly be wild speculation right up until the announcement, but if you’re too excited you could always stop by some of Amsterdam’s famous coffee shops to mellow out a bit.*

*Note: I’m required to tell you that Piki Geek does not endorse any drug use, nor do we accept responsibility for any wacky adventures you have before/after going to said shops. Of course, if you get lucky you can be sure to thank us. You’re welcome.

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