New Batman: Arkham City Trailer Reveals… Nothing, Really


Today Warner Bros. Interactive released a new trailer for their upcoming Batman: Arkham City. While it’s a cool CGI scene, it doesn’t showcase any gameplay or really reveal much of anything about the game. That is, unless the plot somehow involves Batman fighting Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell and Boone from Fallout: New Vegas. Seriously, this trailer is about as informative as that story your parents used to tell you about the stork bringing babies.

Batman: Arkham City is the sequel to last year’s Arkham Asylum, which was an incredible action game well worthy of the Batman license. We’re still betting on Arkham City kicking some serious ass, but we really could have done without this teaser. If for some reason you’ve still got some lingering questions about the game, Warner Bros. is promising a full trailer at Spike’s Video Game Awards this Saturday. Batman: Arkham City will be hitting store shelves in Fall 2011.

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