Troll Guy Spotted in Super Meat Boy


As avid Redditors and Rage Comic fans, we were particularly stoked when we unlocked “Teh Internets” in Super Meat Boy today. We’re not going to spoil how we unlocked it, but we’ll let you know what it is. Teh Internets is the gateway in which Team Meat has promised free downloadable levels for the lifespan of Super Meat Boy.


With the current trend of high-priced XBLA titles and pay-for DLC, Team Meat shoves a big middle finger to that business model, not only promising free future DLC, but discounting the game by 33% during the first month of its launch.

We love Super Meat Boy, and we love Team Meat. Grab the game tomorrow for a mere $10, and stay tuned for our review.

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    Anonymous said Oct 22nd 2010 11:07 AM

    it’s a bit sad that Trollface isn’t an unlockable character in Super Meat boy.


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