Mozilla Launches Firefox 4.0 Beta 1, Chrome Says Hi


Within the last week, Mozilla’s Firefox 4.0 launched in to the hands of all those willing to give the unreleased browser a beta download. We’re naturally early adopters at Piki Geek, so we’ve been playing with the browser for the last week or so, getting acquainted with the interesting changes made to the interface. Firefox 4.0 is a redesign for Mozilla, and while we’ve been happy with Chrome as of late, there’s definitely something nice about the new Mozilla, even if it’s just a fresh coat of paint.

Under the hood, the new additions include some updates to the browser’s ability to handle HTML5 content and HD video as well as a separation between 32 and 64-bit versions. Also, Mozilla is touting “uninterrupted browsing,” in which a tab crash or freeze can be handled with a simple reload. Nice, but it would be even better if things just didn’t crash, right? That might be asking a bit too much from any browser.


We ran the beta through the HTML5 test and came back with a score of 189 and 9 bonus points, which isn’t bad, but doesn’t quite stack up to the current version of Chrome, which landed a 197 and 7 bonus points. The test isn’t the final word on HTML5, but for those with forward-thinking web development as a primary concern when browser shopping, it’s probably a good choice to look at the particular features included (and those missing) from each browser.

Pikimal will be a brilliant research tool for those deciding between Firefox and Chrome in the months ahead. We’ll allow you to adjust which browser features are most important to you with a quick and simple slider (they’ll even look nicer than the ones below, we promise!). Specifically, you’ll be able to select whether things like managing bookmarks, supporting Atom or directly working with BitTorrent files are either insignificant or essential to your browsing experience.


Pikimal will take your choices and tell you your perfect (or closest to perfect) browser. When it comes to HTML5, it’s looking like your browser choice might be Google Chrome for now. However, when Safari, Opera and others get added to the mix, things could get crazy.

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